Round Rock Texas Business Alliance is sponsored by CUN.NEWS

The definition of an ALLIANCE is a relationship forged between two or more individuals or groups that work as a positive for both parties involved. The charter of the RRTxBA defines our mission as one of businessmen and women helping each other in a mutually beneficial way as a positive for all parties involved and for our CommUnity.
The Round Rock Business Alliance is a CommUnity level organization that was created as a way for Round Rock businesses to help one another grow their business and build a prosperous CommUnity. To share our skills, services, or manpower to help local organizations better serve our CommUnity and increase their effectiveness.
RRTXBA.ORG is an organization that supports businesses of all sizes and stages of development from start-up thru maturity. Our membership is not limited to just business owners, nor do we do not limit the number of businesses by categories. It is open to all with business experience or those wanting to start a career in business. The RRTxBA organization allows those of us with real-life experience to mentor and support those who are experiencing a situation for the first time. A group that can provide struggling businesses or entrepreneurs with new or different perspectives based on our experiences. 
To be effective members need to meet so we can exchange ideas and support one another but in this new reality of constantly changing schedules, priorities, and manpower issues there is very little spare time. RRTxBA is leveraging technologies like Zoom and Facebook Live to make meetings more convenient and less of an impact on your valuable time. When we meet online we will record the meetings for members who are not available to join the meeting. That way they can view the meeting when they have time and do not miss out on the information we shared. Using these technologies also allow those who cannot safely meet or are just not comfortable meeting in a group right now to participate.
We are a CommUnity-based organization whose organizational rules and standards are defined by the members of our business CommUnity. Our rules are designed to meet the unique needs of our CommUnity businesses and what is best for Round Rock, not dictated by a remote national or international organization.
We are the Round Rock Texas Business Alliance, join us!

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