Facebook experiences major outage this morning!

Could not log in this morning? Facebook had a “significant” outage and it appears to have affected access world wide.

Several on-line organizations began reporting problems around 7:30am our time.

There has not been an a news release from Facebook at this time and it appears that several location throughout the globe are still experiencing problems.

People reported that they were unable to log on and were receiving the following message.


“I’m seeing a message saying Facebook will be back soon when I try to log in.

This usually means we’re making an improvement to the database your account is stored on. While this process won’t affect your account, you temporarily won’t be able to access the site.

Keep in mind, we don’t do site maintenance on all accounts at the same time. It’s possible that your friends will be able to access the site while your account is still unavailable.”

As of 9:00am we were able to log in to Facebook but it is loading very slow and is still slow.


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