A Round Rock man receives a “Patents for Humanity” award


A Round Rock man is to receive a “Patents for Humanity” award for a drilling system he invented which will help people all over the world who are in need of the most basic element in life, water.

Russell Crawford, a retired contractor, started working on the invention in 2015. It was then when Russel realized that there were many people dying in countries like Africa and South America due to a lack of access to good water.

His invention not only makes wells easier to dig wells but is affordable so that he can dig many wells in places that normally we cannot help. The manually powered system cost about $2000.00 per drill system and will allow a community to drill dozens of wells with the same drill rig.

Crawford has been traveling around the world digging wells and he has seen the difference his invention is making in the lives of the people. His goal is to dig a million wells and has started a charity to raise money to provide help to people around the world in need of water.

The charity “One Million Wells” has a website www.onemillionwells.org. The website not only allows people to donate money to build more rigs but welcomes all those who want to get involved and help him take serious steps toward solving the world’s water access crisis. Crawford is looking for volunteers with professional skill in engineering, education, media and promotion to volunteers who just “want to do the world some good”. The phone number for the local office is 512-293-3989.

Crawford will be honored at the Patents for Humanity Awards ceremony, along with other recipients, in Washington D.C. in November.

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