ADvidium Announces News Project Nearing Launch Date

“We are almost ready to launch!”

In a statement, this week Charles  Landis, President of ADvidium Marketing, commented on the launched of their latest project “The CommUnity Network News”. The launch will come after 7 years of research, technology development and countless interviews of news organizations, local businesses and members of the community.

“Community Newspaper across the country in increasing numbers are closing up or selling out to large news corporation which have little or no investment in the communities they now serve. The combination of free “on-line” news sources, 10 years of a struggling economy and dramatic shift in the public’s preferences on how and where to access news have made the local weekly or monthly paper all but obsolete.”

“The people of the community want immediate information on a 24/7 basis which a weekly publication cannot deliver. In addition, they want local and “hyper-local” focus. They really do not want to have to sift through a large amount of information to get information that directly affects their lives.”

To build a staff of reporters to provide such a local focus on a 24/7 basis and support the mechanisms needed to disseminate the news would require a lot of capital investment and a constant source of income. Most community newspapers cannot collect enough revenue through subscription and advertising to fund their operation. Cost of printing and mailing a newspaper today is prohibitive.

One option is to become part of a national or corporate news organization and “source” the news from a national database to provide information to the community. The problem with that is the focus of the news is no longer local.

“We have studied the mechanisms to both collecting and distributing the news using current technologies and how to monetize the process. Our goal is to provide truly local news in a timely manner that can be easily accessed, cost-effectively.”

Landis goes on to explain, “We also have developed several channels to perform the second important function of a community newspaper, that of supporting community businesses and organizations. We have developed a tested, working program that will allow us to provide cost-effective advertising for our community businesses, help them to grow their businesses and help them better compete with the big box and online businesses.”

“All in all we see it as a Win, Win, Win” solution for the Community,” says Landis. “Round Rock is our test bed and proving site.”  Once the CommUnity Network has been fully tested, ADvidium intends to “package” the program and franchise it to other communities across the US who longer have access to a local newspaper.

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