Ideas on how to use QR Codes

QR Codes were originally created to help track parts in the manufacturing process of vehicles. A QR Code (short for “Quick Response Code”) is an image that can be read by a smartphone or tablet’s camera. Several app developers have created free QR Code reader applications, which once downloaded; allows a device’s camera to acts like a “scanner” and “read” the QR Code.

Once scanned by your smartphone, the QR Codes can link the device to a web page, contact information, send an SMS, or links the device to information on the internet.

The majority of QR Codes used in marketing applications are being used to download coupons, view videos, purchase items, process orders, and advertise products, display maps, and auto-dial phone numbers.

QR Codes can be printed in magazine ads, newsprint ads, displayed on Digital Signage screen, Restaurant menus, and building locator plaques or even on t-shirts.

Potential buyers are 83% more likely to buy a product after watching a video that explains all the features and benefits of that product. A QR Code label can be generated that can be placed on a product and when scanned will link the potential consumer’s device to an online video. All the potential buyer needs to do is scan the QR Code with their phone and they instantly view an informative video on the product on their smartphone or device!

In another approach, a QR Code can be permanently linked to Landing Page. The information on the Landing page can be changed without affecting the QR Code’s function. This

QR Codes can be used in magazine ads, newsprint ads, Digital Signage screen advertising, Restaurant menus, and building locator plaques or even on t-shirts. 

allows a vendor or service provider to provide an object like a calendar, coffee mug or mouse pad with a QR Code on it to a potential consumer. Each time the potential consumer scans the QR Code their device will display the message on the Landing Page. The vendor or service provider can change the offer, coupon or discount on the Landing page as often as they like. So the potential consumer scans the same QR Code on the object as often as the like and will see the vendor’s latest offering.

QR Codes can be used in many applications and cost only pennies to create. The only downside of QR Codes is that the potential consumer needs to download an app to their device; however, there are several QR Code Reader apps available for free.

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